Research Manager / Associate / Technician – Multi-omics of Microbes and Human

Fang Lab
Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences
Institute for Data Science and Genomic Technology
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Opening: We are looking for a Research Manager and/or Research Associate and/or Research Technician, who will play an important and integral role across our research efforts across bacteria, microbiome and human/host. Great opportunity to conduct research in a highly innovative and growing Epigenetics lab in a top-ranked medical school, while learning hands-on cutting edge experiments, sequencing methods and data analysis. Excellent funding is in place and this is a position with a long-term outlook.

Our lab ( has rick experience in multi-omics and systems biology of human diseases. We pioneered the fast growing young field of bacterial epigenomics (Nature Biotechnology, 2012; Nature Reviews Genetics, 2018, Nature Microbiology, 2020), and the use of microbial methylation for high resolution microbiome analysis (Nature Biotechnology, 2018; Nature Methods, 2021). We also have unique expertise in long read sequencing (both PacBio and Nanopore), and systems biology (Molecular Psychiatry, 2014; Cell Reports, 2016; Nature Communication, 2019; Genome Research, 2018; Nature Genetics, 2019; Nature Microbiology, 2020).

The successful candidate will have:

1) A unique opportunity to learn cutting edge technologies, experimental protocols and our expertise.

2) An opportunity to participate and contribute to innovative research projects.

3) An opportunity to play lead role in research projects.

4) Opportunity to learn skills in bioinformatics and computational biology.

The candidate is expected to learn and perform the following 

1) Conduct molecular lab procedures including DNA/RNA isolation, bacterial culturing, sample preparation for sequencing, gel electrophoresis, qPCR.

2) Prepare libraries and perform long reads sequencing.

3) Assist with development of new/cutting edge protocols for the lab.

4) Assist with research project development and management

5) Be willing to face challenges, collaborate extensively with co-workers, and creatively innovate on solutions to problems that arise.

Minimum Qualifications: BS with at least 2 year of lab experience (either during or after BS study), or a MS degree. Candidates with experience in any of the following are encouraged to apply: DNA/RNA isolation and manipulation, microbiome research, PCR/qPCR, bacterial culture, epigenetics etc. Experience in bioinformatics or sequencing would be beneficial but not necessary.

How to apply: Please send the following to 1) A brief cover letter, 2) Resume, 3) Contact information of at least two references (letters will be requested only after interview).