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Our lab, located at Icahn School  of Medicine at Mount Sinai (USNews Top 20 Medical School) is part of the Genomics Department and the Institute for Multi-scale Biology, one of the top institutes on systems biology in the nation.

Openings for Students/Postdocs/Scientists: epigenomes of pathogens, microbiota and human (beyond cytosine methylation towards uncharacterized nucleic acid methylations & other chemical modifications); third-generation sequencing (single molecule; long reads, >20kb; real-time; PacBio + Nanopore + Illumina); systems biology of human diseases (genetic interactions and integrative networks, both big and "small" data approaches, both "simple" and deep learning).

Expertise: Our lab (experiment + computation) pioneered the fast growing field of bacterial epigenomics (Nature Biotechnology, 2012). We also pioneered the use of DNA methylation for high resolution microbiome analysis (Nature Biotechnology, 2017). Recent work by us and others discovered that m6dA exists as a novel form of DNA methylation in mammalian genome (Nature 2016), and multiple evidence suggests it has significant functions in human diseases. We have unique expertise in third generation sequencing with the advantages of detecting different types of DNA modifications. We have rich experience developing innovative methods by integrating cutting edge technologies + wet lab experiments + advanced computational analysis.

Publications: Nature Biotechnology, 2018; Genome Research, 2018; Cell Reports, 2016; Nature, 2016; Nature Communications, 2015; PLoS Genetics, 2015; Biological Psychiatry, 2015; Nature Communications, 2014; Molecular Psychiatry, 2014; PLoS Genetics, 2013; PLoS Computational Biology, 2013; Nature Biotechnology, 2012; Genome Research, 2012.

Successful candidates will have unique opportunities to (i) build on our unique expertise, large scale collection of clinically relevant samples and a strong network of collaborators, (ii) take the lead role in multiple projects on the innovative use of third-generation sequencing and systems biology, (iii) pioneer innovative epigenomics and transcriptomics research for both basic biology and clinical applications. (iv) Compensations for successful candidates are highly competitive, including subsidized housing (in New York City, close to Central Park).

General requirements: (1a) Candidates with computational background are expected have solid programming and analytical skills and an open mind to learn biological knowledge and cutting edge technology. (1b) Candidates with biology background are expected to have storng training in molecular and cellular biology, and an open mind to learn cutting edge technology, computational and statistical skills. (2) Abilities to lead an independent research direction while adapting to a collaborative environment. (3) An innovative yet critical thinker.

Experience in any of the following (the order does NOT reflect priority) is a plus, but not required: 1) metagenomics and microbiome analysis, either computional or experimental, 2) bacterial or mammalian genetics, 3) genome editing,  4) cancer epigenetics or epigenomics, 5) alternative splicing, 6) biochemistry, 7) stem cells, 8) iPSC.

How to apply: Please send to fanggang@gmail.com: 1) a cover letter, 2) a CV including a full list of publications, 3) PDF files for the papers in which you are first or co-first author.

If you are PhD, or MD/PHD or MS students at MSSM and interested in rotation or thesis project in our lab, please feel free to send me an email and let's talk in person.