Dec 2018:  Our Nature Reviews Genetics review on bacterial epigenomes and third-generation sequenicng (link). Congrats, John! So many unknowns and exciting opporunities. Join us! Epigenomes of Pathogens, Microbiome and Human; Technology Development and Systems Biology (link)!

Sep 2018: Our team (MSSM and NYU) won an R01 grant (PI: Gang Fang) from NIH/NIGMS to study the impact of antibiotics on gut microbiome at unprecendeted resolution. 

Jun 2018: Our team received a grant (PI: Gang Fang) from Michael J. Fox Foundation to develop biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease diagnosis based on high-resolution mtDNA damage mapping. 

Apr 2018: SMRTER paper published at Genome Research (link). Congrats, Shijia! PacBio seq to detect m6dA in eukaryotes: 1) Confident mapping doable for genomes w/ high m6dA/A%. 2) but for genomes w/ low m6dA/A%, need caution for high FDR & critical to have independent validation.

Mar 2018: Gang was named the 2018 Hirschl Research Scholar by Irma T. Hirschl/Monique Weill-Caulier Trust.

Dec 2017: mBin paper published at Nature Biotechnology (link). Congrats, John!  Exploit the "hidden" yet highly rich epigenomes of microbiota to fundamentally improve the resolution and completeness of metagenomic analyses. Media coverage: GEN NewsPacBioGenomeWebMD MagazineBioITWorldScience DailyInfection Control TodayPHYS. Also highlighted in Nature Methods (link).

Sep 2017: Our team (MSSM, Columbia, Harvard) received a pilot grant (PI: Gang Fang) to study DNA methylation and enrivonmental exposures. 

Jan 2017: Gang was named the 2017 Nash Family Research Scholar by the Friedman Brain Institute and will receive a pilot grant to study novel epigenetic factors in neuronal development and mental disorders.

Mar 2016: The paper on the role of microRNA-9 in schizoprenia from an iPSC-based study accepted by Cell Reports (link). 

Mar 2016: The paper on the existence of N6mA in mouse embryonic stem cells published in Nature (link). 

Nov 2015: The paper on the epigenetic regulation of V. cholerae growth published in PLoS Genetics (link). 

Sep 2015: Our team (MSSM, Harvard and NYU) won an R01 grant (PI: Gang Fang) from NIH/NIGMS to develop and apply novel methods for multi-scale and integrative characterization of bacterial epigenomes, with a focus on virulence and antibiotic resistance.

Jun 2015: SMALR paper published in Nature Communications (link). Press release. Media coverage: GEN, GenomeWeb, BioTechniques, PHYS, Infection Control, ScienceDaily, etc.

Jan 2015: hiPSC NPC WNT signaling paper published in Biological Psychiatry (link). 

Jan 2014: pAA paper published in Nature Communications (link)

Jan 2014: hiPSC NPC paper published in Molecular Psychiatry (link)

Aug 2013: Gang invited to Kavli Frontiers of Science, National Acadamy of Science  (link).

Jul 2013: Gang gave a Frontiers in Science talk, JPI meeting, ISMB (link).

May 2013: Gang won Best Dissertation Award from University of Minnesota  (link).

Mar 2013: Context effects on DNA polymerase kinetics, PLoS Comp Bio (link).

Jan 2013: Methylomes of two Mycoplasma strains published in PLoS Genetics (link).

Nov 2012: The methylome of the German outbreak E. Coli, Nature Biotechnology (link). Also, highlighted in Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Reviews Microbiology. Media coverage: Bio-IT World, TheScientist, PHYS.

Oct 2012: Statistical modeling of kinetic variation data and the first map of human mitochondrial DNA modifications, Genome Research. (link)